Charlotte Bridge Home

Did You Know
  • Employment is the #1 challenge our returning veterans are facing
  • The top 10 reasons to hire veterans (ask us at Charlotte Bridge Home if you really want to know)
  • We prepare soldiers for months, even years to accomplish their military job, BUT we don't prepare them at all for the rest of their civilian lives
  • Estimates are that 30-40% of returning veterans present with TBI, Post-Traumatic Stress or both
  • Service members, veterans and their families living in rural areas are less likely to have access to a local mental health professional
  • >60% of the 2.5 million OEF / OIF / OND returning veternas are eligible for VA services, BUT only 866,000 have sought VA care
  • The wait to receive mental health care at a VA facility can be several months (currently an average of 9.5 months nationwide)
  • >56% of community providers (nationwide stat) do not routinely ask if a client or patient has served in the Armed Forces
  • Only 29% of these same community partners know how to refer a veteran to the VA for medical or mental health services
  • Imagine moving to a new community without family support - that is one of the challenges our transitioning service members face
  • Charlotte Bridge Home serves veterans as a continuation of the military "sponsorship" program - WE WILL CONNECT YOU